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Something Real

Veems is a social app where you discover people like you and get real, honest replies to what you share.

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Get Real on Veems

Do you ever get scared of sharing your true thoughts because you might get called out in the comment section? On Veems, share fearlessly. Post your thoughts to everyone. But all replies are private. No comment section for the world to see!

Share Fearlessly
Post publicly to all your followers but get replies privately.

Be Honest
Reply privately to people you follow and express yourself honestly.

Find Friends
Add interests to your profile and meet people with similar interests.

Live in the Moment
All chats and posts get deleted after 24 hours.

What People Say About Veems

“I’ve found my craziest friends on Veems. Thank you for making this app.”

Veemer Kropek

“I’m not afraid anymore.”

Veemer Eljay

“Thank you! You are making a lot of people very happy.”

Veemer Eldest

“It’s a platform where you can freely share your feelings and thoughts without being judged.”

Valerie Tan, Veemer and TV Host

“Veems is heaven sent. Thank God for this app.”

Veemer Angela

“Veems help me cope with depression.”

Veemer Yel

Veems Team

“The secret to happiness is the freedom to be you.”
We’re lucky because working at Veems is an extension of ourselves. It’s not just work for us. It’s who we are. We feel right at home.


Iddo Goren


He started hacking when he was 14 back when “it wasn’t cool.” Started Veems because he feels people only share the perfect version of themselves on Facebook and Instagram. Follow him on Veems to get behind-the-scene updates about the company and his life.


Irene Enriquez


Was supposed to take Computer Science in college but changed it to Broadcast Communication the last minute. Joined Veems because she believes that it can help people truly express themselves. Follow her on Veems where she shares “profound” and “funny” stuff.


Anton Pitaev


Loves working at Veems and makes sure that users are happy. As a developer, he always looks forward to work with designers. Follow him on Veems and send him a private message. He’d appreciate it!


Agnes Ma


Not-so-geeky programmer with an undercut. Born in China, studying in the United States, and now working in Israel. Working at Veems as a programmer gives her a sense of belonging in a foreign land. Follow her for great food finds and selfies.


Be Fearless. Be You.

Start sharing your true self and chat with people who understand you.

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