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Did you know that your friends on Facebook are afraid to share their ideas if they think it’s unpopular?

That’s not good at all. Why? Well, sharing our opinion is one of the reasons why we’re on social networking sites and apps anyway.

Imagine all the voices we’re not hearing because we’re all afraid to be different.

But DIFFERENT is what we need.

About Veems

That’s why on Veems we’ve created a place where you can speak your ideas freely. It has everything you love about social media. You get to heart and share stuff. You can also share text messages, images, and stickers to your friends and followers. But here’s the twist: when someone replies to what you sent, only you will see it. This puts you in control of the conversation, allowing you to explore your ideas and feelings (including #hugot!) more freely.

Plus a dozen of cool ways to speak and share things differently on Veems.

Download Veems Now and Discover a Whole New World.

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Iddo Goren


The Leader of the Band

He started hacking software at age 14 back when “it wasn’t cool.” Started Veems because he believes in giving people a voice. Loves memes and Airwaves gum. Follow him on Veems and get behind-the-scene updates (and exclusive photos of Pie, the dog).


Irene Enriquez


The Bard of the Band

Writer. Dreamer. The round peg in the square hole. (And the rose among the thorns.) Crazy about dogs and zombies. She once wrote in her journal, “What’s odd is, I work at Veems but using Veems doesn’t feel like work at all.” Follow her on Veems to know about her hugots that she doesn’t share anywhere else.


Barak Hackam


The Mixer of the Band

A trailblazer. Currently studying Software Engineering and getting ready for a great travel adventure. Loves race cars and Mexican hats. Follow him on Veems to get “test” posts from him. :P (Well, he’s a developer. He doesn’t share much, okay? But he’s mostly online, so just veem him.)